mages just love me (in_the_blue) wrote in 815survivors,
mages just love me

There aren't so very many of us here any more, but I'm thinking of reviving the community and I'd like your input. In just another week we'll know whatever it is we're meant to know about the show, and that will either inspire us to write more or make us wish we'd never written in the fandom in the first place, I'm not sure which. But to revive the community, we need to do something different. The prompts as they were didn't seem to do much after a while.

Here's my proposed change. What I'd like to do is to take the name of every episode from every season, put them in the digital hopper, and get them spit out in random order. Once I have them randomized, I'll post prompts as follows. For each prompt period, we write for one specific randomly-picked episode. I'll provide a series of keywords as prompts that can be used or not; as many or as few of the keywords can be included in the fic or used as inspiration for the fic.

This is not a contest community. There are no winners or losers, except by virtue of the writing we're all winners.

What I'd like to know from those of you watching the community is the following:

1. What do you think of the idea? Are there ways to improve on it?
2. How often do you want new prompts?
3. Do we need target lengths for the fics?
4. Do we want to keep prompts in-character from one character's perspective?
5. Is there anything else we ought to discuss regarding a community reboot? For instance, more members would be lovely.

Questions, comments, ideas?
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