Heather (prplhez8) wrote in 815survivors,

Prompt #11: After The End

Prompt: After the end.
Length: 100 words.
Characters: Rose Nadler, Vincent, and Jack Shephard.

Infernal dog, Rose thought. Ever since the earth had rumbled and shuddered under her feet she was a little leery of being too far from Bernard, but he insisted on finding Vincent. Hearing a sharp yip, she stopped. Vincent had distinct barks. It was like a child; you could tell the difference in the tone of crying whether they were hurt, mad, or scared. Vincent was hurt....and scared. She moved quickly towards the sound.

"Bernard," she shouted. "Over here."

She spied something dark blue next to the yellow of Vincent's fur. She stopped short.

"Oh, no..."

That's why, she thought.
Tags: #11: after the end, jack, rose, vincent
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