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Posting rules are simple; please try to follow them.

  1. Prompts never expire. Anyone can write to any prompt at any time.

  2. All fic prompts must be written in-character. If you aren't sure what this means, well... pretend you're one of the characters from Lost and write your fic or ficlet.

  3. Entries can come from your personal LJ or from a character journal. Either way is fine, as long as it's clear which character is offering up the entry.

  4. As of Prompt #2, each ficlet should be posted as a new entry to the main community and must contain the following information at the top:

    Prompt Number/Title:
    Character Name:
    Word Count:

  5. Please include the character's name and prompt number/title (found in the sidebar link list) in the tag for your submission.

  6. You can write as many entries for each fic prompt as you like, from as many characters as you like. We allow ficlets from more than one instance of each character.

  7. Each prompt has a suggested word count of 500 unless otherwise noted (there may be forays into longer or shorter works of fiction). This is the standing target length for your ficlet. You can be under or over, but try not to go too far over or under. LJ has a comment limit of 4300 characters (not words), so if your fic is longer than that, you'll have to post it in two parts.

  8. Feel free to respond to any posted ficlet. Constructive criticism and praise are good. Attacks are bad. Repeated attacks, wank, and spam will get you banned. Anonymous posting and commenting are not allowed.

  9. All ficlets posted to the community must meet the requirements of the LiveJournal TOS. If your ficlet contains mature subject matter, please post it to your own journal (appropriately age-restricted) and simply link to it here.
If you have any questions, contact the moderator.
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